Improvement Programmes

Our Game Improvement Programmes can be booked from a single hour to all day to achieve the time frame that you would like to make improvements in. Included with our coaching packages is a complimentary consultation with analysis so that the entire duration of your coaching session can be spent improving your skills. We also offer students support between coaching sessions if they have decided to receive their Game Improvement Programme over a few weeks.    


1 Hour

This is ideal for an existing golfer that would like to get some help on how to improve a specific aspect of their play. By the end of the coaching session you will gain a sound understanding of how to improve on your own and after an agreed training period, you can return so that we can make before and after comparisons to measure improvement.       

2 Hours

This longer coaching session is perfect for someone who is just starting to learn how to play or an existing golfer who has an ingrained fault they would like to improve. New golfers can build a solid foundation from which they can continue to improve, and more experienced golfers can gain a greater feel for improvements and ingrain sound technique. This coaching session can also deliver instruction on techniques and strategies whilst playing on the course.


4 & 8 Hours

New and experienced golfers with busy schedules who would like to make quick improvements to several aspects of their play can do so with these Game Improvement Programme. New golfers can become proficient in play in a day and established golfers can make improvements to several aspects of their play. This Game Improvement Course can be booked over a few weeks with shorter coaching sessions to suit your schedule and can include a 2-hour playing lesson.     

Referal Programme

We are very grateful when someone recommends us so to show our appreciation, if you recommend a friend you will both receive £5 off a 1-hour coaching session or £10 off any of our Game Improvement Programmes.


Improve Online

Our online coaching service delivers personalised instruction to help you improve your game. It couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is send us videos of your technique, fill in our survey about your play or speak with us on the phone so that we can tailor a programme of improvement to achieve your golfing ambitions.  

Spike Camps, Classes & Courses

Spike Camps offer the opportunity for golfers to improve the most common faults in play in just a morning, afternoon or day. Instruction is delivered on the range and course to test out you newly aquired skills during actual play. We also hold evening and weekend classes for beginners, improvers, seniors and juniors that are ideal for people that like to meet, learn adn improve with other like minded golfers.   

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Voucher Experiences

Give the gift of great golf with any of our Game Improvement Programmes ranging from a single 1-hour to 8 hours that includes a morning coaching session, lunch and an 18-hole playing lesson in the afternoon.