We have enjoyed considerable success helping new, occasional, avid and elite golfers improve all physical and mental aspects of their play for 30+ years. Our bespoke Game improvement Programmes deliver personalised instruction that is easy to understand, apply and guaranteed to help you make immediate and long-lasting improvements to your play.

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We believe that every person can continually improve their playing performance with the appropriate analysis, feedback, instruction and support. There isn’t one perfect swing for everyone, but everyone has their own perfect swing and to help you discover yours we deliver bespoke instruction to help you make the most from your natural abilities and learning styles. The ball never lies and so you will be able to achieve immediate improvements to even the most ingrained fault and play better shots on more consistent basis.  


Included with our Game Improvement Programmes is the latest technology as the many benefits apply to golfers at every level of play. Golfers can gain a greater understanding, awareness and feel for their technique by with our high-speed cameras, video analysis tools, launch monitor and golf simulator with next generation software that provides accurate data and realistic ball flights in range mode with our game improving modules or course mode with 200,000 courses.

Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi
Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi


SafeGolf is a partnership of golf’s governing bodies and organisations throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Each organisation is dedicated to working together to ensure that the sport of golf is one within which children and young people can thrive and flourish in a safe environment. As a PGA Golf  Professional, I am committed to ensuring that everyone has a fun, safe and positive experience when playing golf and hold current DBS (criminal records checks) and Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) certification and am a SafeGolf accredited coach.


We bring golf to you at locations in Oxfordshire with the best ranges and 200k championship courses including Augusta and many more! We are adding to our growing list of venues throughout 2020 and each offers ample free parking, a warm, relaxed and comfortable environment for you to hone your golf skills in preparation for the season ahead. Wear unrestricted summer clothing, use real balls and get real results with expert PGA instruction. We can also visit you at you home and provide an online coaching service.

Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi