Introduction to instruction

We have enjoyed considerable success whilst helping new, occasional, avid and elite golfers improve all physical and mental aspects of their play for over 30 years. Our bespoke Game improvement Programmes deliver instruction that is easy to understand, apply and guaranteed to help you make immediate and long-lasting improvements to your play.


Coaching Philosophy

We believe that every person can continually improve their playing performance with the appropriate analysis, feedback, instruction and support. In order to help individuals to make the most from their natural abilities and learning styles, we tailor our Game Improvement programmes and instruction to best suit each person's unique blend of qualities and achieve their golfing objectives.   


The many benefits of our technology apply to golfers at every level of play which is why we include them with all our game improvement programmes. To help golfers gain a greater understanding and feel for their technique, we utilise a high-speed camera, video analysis, professional grade launch monitor, and golf simulator with next generation software that offers the most realistic playing experiences in range modes with game improvement modules and course modes with over 150k championship courses.


Meet Mike

Hello and welcome to my profile page that will give you a brief insight to my experience, abilities and coaching philosophies. I enjoyed playing all sports growing up but after watching Seve Ballesteros play, golf became my sporting passion and from the moment I struck my first shot, I enjoyed all of the challenges that golf had to offer and continually provides to everyone that plays. 

I have won Regional, National and European tournaments and set several course records with a personal best low round of 60 which was 10 under. I have achieved seven holes and my last was when I returned to Stoke Park Golf Club for a charity event. I achieved my 7th hole in one on the club’s signature 7th hole and in doing so, won a VIP trip to watch the Masters.

To ensure analysis is carried out in the best way possible, I have a complete suite of coaching tools that include a high-speed camera, video analysis software, professional launch monitor, game improvement modules, golf simulator and software that provide the most realistic playing experiences. The many benefits of this technology apply to golfers at every level as player improvement can be measures accurately and they speed up skill acquisition by providing valuable feedback that enables golfers to gain a greater understanding and feel for their technique.



We capture swing footage in real time to analyse swing tempo and rhythm but to accurately view and study swing technique when club head speeds can reach in excess of 120 mph, we need to slow the action down with our high-speed camera that is capable of capturing 1000 frames per second.



Our Game Improvement Modules include Bag Mapping, Wedge Matrix, Shot Dispersion and Skills Assessment to provide you with deatiled analysis of your shots. You and your coach will be able to determine your natural shot shape, fresquent misses and accurate yardages for every club in your bag will help you make better club selections on the course that will lead to lower scores.


Performance Net

Our Pro Series Golf Net is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer with instant shot feedback. It is undoubtably the best golf and training  net on the market with its unparalleled performance, quality build and great visuals.


2 Hours

This coaching session is perfect for someone who is just starting to learn how to play or an existing golfer who has an ingrained fault they would like to improve. New golfers can build a solid foundation from which they can continue to improve, and more experienced golfers can gain a greater feel for improvements and ingrain sound technique. This coaching session can also deliver instruction on techniques and strategies whilst playing on the course.


Referal Programme

We are delighted to receive recommendations and to show our appreciation, you and your a friend can receive 20% OFF your next Coaching Session.


Spike Camps & Classes

Spike Camps offer the opportunity for golfers to improve the most common faults in play in just a morning, afternoon or day. Instruction is delivered on the range and course to test out you newly aquired skills during actual play. We also hold evening and weekend classes for beginners, improvers, seniors and juniors that are ideal for people that like to meet, learn adn improve with other like minded golfers.   



We bring golf to you at venues in and around Bicester and will are adding to our growing list of facilities throughout 2020. Each offers a warm, relaxed and comfortable environment for you to hone your golf skills with the aid of the latest camera, analysis and computer technology combined with highly effective instruction and advice from a PGA Professional. In addition, we provide a home and online coaching services for people with busy schedules who would like to play better golf.  


Despite making many of the common mistakes that I now help others avoid, I managed to achieve a plus one handicap in 18 months and worked at Stoke Park Golf Club where I won the inaugural UK Long Driving Championship. During my time at Stoke Park, I was fortunate to meet, learn and play with many leading coaches, Tour Players and Major Champions including Bernard Langer, Sandy Lyle, Sir Henry Cotton and Sir Nick Faldo (pictured above).

I am as equally passionate about the play others as I am with my own game and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to help golfers at every level of play to improve their golf skills and gain a greater enjoyment from their play. There isn’t one perfect swing for everyone, but everyone has their own perfect swing and to help each person discover theirs, I deliver bespoke instruction that is easy to understand, apply and ensures that help each person makes the greatest possible improvement to their play.

I would be delighted to help you to learn how to play or improve your game so if you would like to book or if you have an enquiry, please get in touch via the contact page and I will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Kind regards 

Mike Lovegrove

PGA Professional AA | SafeGolf Acredited Coach



Our video analysis software has a complete suite of powerful drawing and comparison tools with over 100 swing models from the PGA and LPGA Tours. What we feel is always very different to what we actually do so seeing our swing is key to understanding and gaining a greater feel for the improvements we make.


Simulator & Next Generation Software

Our next generation golf simulation software has the unparalleled option to play over 150,000 championship courses. Whether you wish to improve your own play or hold a golf event at your home, club or company, we can bring the world's best championship courses to you with the ultimate simulated playing experience.


Improvement Programmes

Included with our coaching packages is a complimentary consultation and analysis so that the entire duration of your coaching session can be spent improving your skills. We also offer support between coaching sessions when booking a  Game Improvement Programme over a few weeks.    


4, 6 or 8 Hours

New and experienced golfers with busy schedules who would like to make quick improvements to several aspects of their play can do so with these Game Improvement Programme. New golfers can become proficient in play in a day and established golfers can make improvements to several aspects of their play. This Game Improvement Course can be booked over a few weeks with shorter coaching sessions to suit your schedule and can include a 2-hour playing lesson.     


Improve Online

Our online coaching service delivers personalised instruction to help you improve your game. It couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is send us videos of your technique, fill in our survey about your play or speak with us on the phone so that we can tailor a programme of improvement to achieve your golfing ambitions.  


Voucher Experiences

Give the gift of great golf with any of our Game Improvement Programmes ranging from a single 1-hour to 8 hours that includes a morning coaching session, lunch and an 18-hole playing lesson in the afternoon.