Game Improvement Programme 2 Hrs

Our standard coaching duration for new and improving golfers wishing to develop new skills or improve their technique is 2 hours as it is far more effective than receiving instruction in shorter time durations over several weeks. This more focused form of instruction enables new and improving golfers to make significant improvements to any physical or mental aspect of their play whether they are developing new skills or improving an ingrained fault.




Consultation & Support Programme 1.5 Hrs

To plan the most effective instruction that will help you achieve your golfing goals, we need to find out more about you and your play. Rather than carrying this out during your Game Improvement Programme, we provide a consultation to find out about your current abilities, determine the aspects of your play that most require attention, understand your learning styles, learn about your golfing ambitions and the time frame you have in mind to achieve them.

Referral & Loyalty Programme

We are always grateful when clients return to improve their play even more or recommend us to their fellow golfers. To show our appreciation, we operate a referral and return programme that benefits everyone, see below for details.

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Consultation & Support Programme 1.5 Hrs


To ensure that you continue to improve we also provide online and phone support following your coaching session. To help you remember what was covered, we include a swing summary with videos and photos accompanied with analysis including the skill development drills that worked best and a recommended training plan. In addition, we will access your progress by answering your questions following your coaching session and analysing any videos or photos you submit to help with your continued improvement.




Spike Camps & Classes


Spike Camps offer the opportunity for golfers to improve the most common faults in play in just a morning, afternoon or day. Instruction is delivered on the range and course to test out you newly aquired skills during actual play. We also hold evening and weekend classes for beginners, improvers, seniors and juniors that are ideal for people that like to meet, learn adn improve with other like minded golfers.   

Gift Great Golf


Give the gift of great golf with any of our Game Improvement Programmes.

Online Coaching

A growing number of golfers visit us to improve their play after getting into difficulties by following online tips. There are an increasing number of people who prefer to improve online however, the non-personalised instruction available often has a detrimental effect on their play. To overcome this, we offer a bespoke online coaching service for new and improving golfers. Delivered on a wide variety of devices, verbal, audio and written instruction includes photo comparisons and video analysis to form your own coaching manual and swing library.

Improving Golfers

Make a significant improvement to any physical or mental aspect of your play with our Game Improvement Programme that include a consultation to determine the aspects of your play that require the most improvement, detailed video analysis to provide you with a sound understanding of your technique, a personalised training programme with skill drills plus online and phone support.

2 HOURS £50

New Golfers


People who are new to golf will receive a step by step Game Development Programme for them to become proficient playing all the basic shots from tee to green and gain a sound understanding for rules, etiquette and scoring. One to one coaching has the flexibility to adapt to your lifestyle and pace of learning and our group classes follow a structured programme of learning and skill development.

2 HOURS £50