If you have been making frequent visits to a range to work on your game and it has not been improving your scores, it may be because the balls you are using at the range are usually vastly different from the golf balls you use on the course.

Most ranges have balls that don’t have the same distance or flight performance as they are intentionally designed to be limited in flight from new. You may have noticed limited flight range balls because they seem to dive to the ground once they reach their peak height particularly with the longer clubs.

In addition, when ranges top up their ball supply, you get a mix of new and old range balls that adds more variation plus you often receive range balls that are dirty that also has a detrimental effect on flight. Another negative aspect on the flight of your shots is when balls are wet or cold especially that is often the case during the winter months.

If you have attended a Tour event and spent time watching the players practicing, you will have noticed the balls they are using are the same high-quality as the ones they use for play. The reason for this is simple, tour pros need consistency that range balls don’t offer due to the lower performance and inconsistencies.

This is the main reasons why we coach and train golfers with real balls, a professional launch monitor and simulator that accurate ball flights with every club in your bag. Our complete suite of game improvement modules will also enable you to determine accurate yardages, develop predictable shot patterns and understand your tendencies so you can manage you game better on the course.