When you set out to improve your putting the first skill you need to check is to start the ball on line. Most golfers do not aim their putter face at their intended target accurately enough and must compensate if they are going to hole their putt. To aim correctly you must make sure your putter face is set at a right angle to your target line (the putter face determines the direction of your putt by approximately 85%) and that your putter head travels on a relatively straight path to your target at impact (the path determines the direction of your putt by approximately 15%).

You can build this combination into your stroke by setting up a simple putting station. Find a level surface that will give you a straight putt of 4 to 5 feet in length and then set up some tees a little wider than your putter head and parallel to your target line. Then set another gate a little wider than a golf ball and approximately 12-18” ahead of the ball you are stroking. The aim is to roll putts through the gate and into the hole and measure your improvement that will also simulate pressure putts each time you have a putt to beat your personal best. Once mastered on a regular basis, try the drill on a breaking putt as in the video to make it more challenging.