If you want to play your best you need to keep good levels of concentration and stamina and one of the ways of doing this is to keep your body fuelled in the right way. Unfortunately, too many golfers chose snacks that are high in sugar and consume nutritionally inadequate foods which are a sure way of not playing at your best particularly on the back nine!

A big key to playing better golf is to consume nutritionally balanced foods and failure to do this can result in poor performance. Focus on nutrients and snacks with natural fats, like avocado, nuts, or seeds. Sustainable energy is not about eating low-fat items, but rather finding low-sugar alternatives. If you like something that has a bit of sweetness, try fresh fruit.

Always balance carbs with protein and fat when possible. Fat lowers the glycemic load of any type of carbohydrate (the sugar from that food enters the blood at a much slower rate) and the lower the food's glycemic load, the better. Commit to planning ahead in the snack department and you can enjoy increased energy and better improved concentration to help you to shoot lower scores.