The two best views of your swing for video analysis are from face-on and looking down your down your target line. Both angles are extremely useful for analysing swing technique but if you can only use one, take video looking toward your target.

To ensure that the video doesn’t get distorted, it is important that your camera remains still. This is much easier if you use a small tripod that are easy to find online and I can recommend a couple if you require. I use a telescopic selfie stick with a tripod and remote control for the camera. It quick and easy to set up and easily fits into a golf bag so ideal whether you are at home, on a range or course.

When taking videos from face on, position your camera directly opposite your hands and perpendicular to your target line when filming. If you are filming viewing down your target line, position the camera directly opposite your hands again and at a right angle to your target line.

Make sure you set up your camera far enough back in both instances so that the club’s arc through your entire swing is visible. It is better if video is taken in landscape mode because it is easier to make sure all the club's arc of swing is kept in shot but if space is restricted then portrait mode is fine.

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