Rainy rounds of golf are made a lot easier for tour pros as they have a caddy to help but many find it a battle against the elements. You may feel relieved when you finish your round but there is still some work to be done when you finish so here is a checklist after any rain filled round.

You may be keen to get back indoors, get out of your wet clothes and take a nice warm shower but before you do make sure you bring your clubs indoors too. Drying your equipment off indoors soon after your round will help to keep them in the best condition and make sure they are ready for your next round.

If you dry wet shoes on a radiator to quickly you can damage the leather so the best thing to do is to scrunch up some newspaper, pack it inside your shoes and allow them to dry out naturally at room temperature. Of course, if you have a good pair of waterproof shoes, they shouldn’t be wet inside.

To strike you best shots you always want to have a clean clubface and if you have an older set, it’s best to keep them dry to prevent rust from forming so clean your clubfaces, dry your clubs off and stand them somewhere overnight to dry out completely at room temperature.

Remove everything out of your golf bag, keep all pockets unzipped and let your bag dry out at room temperature. Your rain gear, gloves and headcovers should also dry out naturally but don’t forget to double check the washing instructions waterproof suit if you need to put it in the machine.

Place the other items from your bag on a towel including scorecards, yardage books, sharpies, tees, balls etc. Do all this and you will be all set for your next round except maybe for the shoes if they aren't waterproof in which case, it would be a good idea to have a 2nd pair.