There is no better time to learn how to play than during the winter months so you are ready to get out on the course and play in the spring and summer. There are a few common mistakes that new golfers make so we have listed a few tips below to help you start out on your journey.


Golf has a larger playing area than most other sports and requires players to strike a ball over long distances. In addition, golfers also have to control the direction of their shots but all too often a person’s natural instincts lead them to go for power which results in shots being miss hit and then they try to hit the ball even harder! After a while the golfer is so tense and has such poor technique that it is impossible for them to create a flowing swing that produces effortless power. Anything feels strange when we do it for the first time so it is best to develop good technique right from the start!


When starting out a taster lesson will provide you with a fun and informative introduction to golf’s winning combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction. Equipment can be provided so all you have to do is book a time, turn up on the day and enjoy.


The great thing about starting from scratch is that you have no bad habits and a game improving course of lessons will ensure that you build a solid foundation from which you can continue to improve. Instruction can be received on your own, with a friend or in a small group depending on your preferred method of learning. To become proficient in all the basic shots required for play, 8-12 hours of instruction is required an available can be taken in single day or during several weeks.



All you need to wear is some comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. As you get more involved with golf you’ll find there’s a vast choice of golf wear that offers comfort and style whist being suitable for all weather conditions. Flat soled shoes or trainers are suitable footwear to start with but in time you will need a pair of golf shoes that are comfortable, waterproof and provide good traction when you swing.


You don’t need to spend a huge amount on clubs when you are getting started and you can easily find a set to suit you and allow you to develop your skills with minimal expense. Once you have developed the basic shots required for play and grooved your swing sufficiently, you can upgrade to a more personalised set but initially you should make developing your skills a priority.


A full set comprises of 14 clubs and there are many package sets available when starting out should you wish to follow that route however you can also begin with a few clubs that you can add to as and when required. Initially I would recommend a selection of clubs that are easier to strike and help you to get your shots in the air which will build confidence quickly. A typical selection of clubs would be a 5 metal, hybrid, irons including a 5, 7, 9, sand wedge and a putter.