An increasing number of avid golfers arrive their first golf lesson after having tolerated poor play for a prolonged period. A high percentage have said that they were on the verge of giving up and decided to have a golf lesson as a last resort. Despite being at such low point with theri play, I’m delighted to say that each person is now enjoying their golf again and continuing to improve. It is never good to see you game go backwards so here are a few tips to help prevent the same thing happening to you. INSTINCTS Golf is a game of opposites and the cause is often very different to what your thoughts lead you to believe. This is true for golfers at every level and in many cases, if a person was to reverse their natural instincts they would be closer to improving their play. THE WEB The internet is a common place for golfers looking for help but it is full of random tips that are often conflicting or just plain nonsense. The same is true for advice in books, magazines, DVD’s and golf programmes so if you are looking for self-help, the tips you find can be a recipe for disaster.

FEEL Everything feels different when we try it for the first time and our senses can deceive us. When we base adjustments on feel alone it causes trouble as it encourages golfers to change the wrong aspects of their swing which can create even more problems that spiral out of control. TIPS A swing tip can help but they don’t hold up for long term improvement as they help the outcome and not the cause. It's like putting a bucket under a leaking pipe, it helps in the short term but eventually you need to call a plumber. PRACTICE Poor practice routines encourage poor play so if you find yourself heading to the range without a specific goal in mind, have little or no warm up, hit balls aimlessly or practice strengths rather than weaknesses, you will only succeed in ingraining your faults.

NOTE We can all have an off day so there is no need to panic and tinker with your swing but if you play poorly on 3 or more successive occasions, something is up so make sure you determine the root cause and ensure you apply corrections that make a swift and significant improvement. If not, you have gone off course!