Posted for right handed golfers

Striking the ball at target is made a lot easier if you set up with the clubface aimed at your target before you swing. This may sound obvious but it is not as easy to achieve as you may think because we stand to the side of the ball when we play and are not looking directly down our target line. Because of this our eyes can be deceived and if our aim gets off target, we must make compensations that then create inconsistent and unpredictable shots.

For the clubface to be aimed correctly at your target, the leading edge at the bottom of your clubface should be perpendicular to your target line, this is referred to as being “square”. An easy was to visualise this is to imagine a clock face with your target line running from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock and the leading edge of your clubface should point between 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock.

Even if you have aimed the leading edge correctly, the lie angle of your club (the angle between the centre of the shaft and the sole at impact) also has a large influence on the direction of your shots. If you club is too upright, the clubface will be aimed too far to the left and if your club is too flat, the clubface will be aimed too far to the right. You will strike your best shots when the sole of the club is parallel to the ground as you strike the ball through impact.

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