There is nothing more frustrating than hitting a ball into the bunker and finding it at the bottom of someone else’s divot or foot print. This can be because another golfer doesn’t know golf etiquette, knows the etiquette but has a total disregard for it and their fellow golfers or the bunker not having a rake nearby has also been cited by some as the reason they didn’t smooth their divot or foot print so here are a few pointers to help for those who need it.

It is commonplace for rakes to be left on the course, and players are expected to use the rakes to smooth over their divots and footprints. Not only does this make it fair for everyone that plays but it will also assist with pace if play if there are rakes handy on the course as it enables players to fulfil their responsibilities without delay.

If a golfer can’t find a rake nearby, they should still smooth the sand out after they play their shot using their feet or club. Better results are achieved with the feet usually because they are bigger, it may take a little longer, but your efforts will be appreciated by the golfers that visit the bunker next.


The best bunkers have an even amount of sand throughout, but sometimes excessive sand is raked towards the sides of the bunker creating uneven lies. To help prevent this from happening, rake sand back into the middle of the bunker as they make their way out. This helps avoid having deep sand in some parts of the bunker and shallow sand in other parts. By following the correct rules, etiquette and raking procedures, golfers can help themselves and others escape as well as boosting their standing amongst their playing partners as a considerate player.