Jack Nicklaus was the first tour player to use a yardage book back in the early 60’s and now nearly all golfers have some type of GPS or laser device to tell them how far it is to the hole. Jack Nicklaus also stressed the importance of warming up prior to play but few golfers follow that advice despite it massively increasing their chances of playing well.

Your body, brain and game need to be warmed up and ready for play your best right from the first tee. Having a good warm up routine is like drinking enough water, getting enough exercise, or eating healthily, you know that it is good for you, but you never really dedicate time to do it before you play.

Every golfer no matter their age or ability should include a good warm up routine. Starting with a few stretches before hitting a variety of shots to determine how they are swinging on the day, understand your shot patterns, get a feel for the course conditions and how the weather is influencing your shots.

Having discussed this topic with countless golfers over the years, many have stated that they associated golf with walking and didn’t feel they needed to warm up to walk. What they didn’t realise is how much of an athletic movement their golf swing is and how much force they generate through their body in a short period of time.

People don’t think twice about warming up for all types of sport and activities but if you need any more convincing that a simple warm up routine prior to play will help you to play your best on the day, below are some of the key benefits you are likely to gain if you do.

Lower the risk of injury by warming up muscles

Coordinate your swing and get your arms and body in sync

Determine how well you are swinging and the predictability of your shots

Acquire a good feel for the greens and bunkers

Understand how the weather is affecting your shots

Build confidence and get your round off to the best possible start