We capture swing footage in real time to analyse swing tempo and rhythm but to accurately view and study swing technique when club head speeds can reach in excess of 120 mph, we need to slow the action down with our high-speed camera that is capable of capturing 1000 frames per second.

Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi
Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi


Our video analysis software has a complete suite of powerful drawing and comparison tools with over 100 swing models from the PGA and LPGA Tours. What we feel is always very different to what we actually do so seeing our swing is key to understanding and gaining a greater feel for the improvements we make.


Our Game Improvement Modules include Bag Mapping, Wedge Matrix, Shot Dispersion and Skills Assessment to provide you with deatiled analysis of your shots. You and your coach will be able to determine your natural shot shape, fresquent misses and accurate yardages for every club in your bag will help you make better club selections on the course that will lead to lower scores.

Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi
Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi

Simulator & Next Generation Software

Our next generation golf simulation software has the unparalleled option to play 200,000 championship courses including Augusta. Whether you wish to improve your own play or hold a golf event at your home, sports club or company, we can bring the world's best championship courses to you with the ultimate simulated playing experience.

Training Net

​Our High Permance Pro Series Golf Training Net is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer with instant shot feedback. It is undoubtably best golf training net on the market with its unparalleled performance, safety features, quality build and great visuals. 

Purple Patch Golf Lessons _ PGA Pro _ Bi